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Allotment munching

First radish & saladini leaves
What a weekend!  The plot looked like a jungle.. this glorious weather, amazing sunshiney days and then rain has made everything grow.
So, yesterday, the last day of May, we picked and ate at the plot for the first time.  Such a momumental moment.  First thing I ate...

The worlds most delicious Mangetout!
I hadn't expected to find one.  I was busily mooching around on my hands and knees, weeding... marvelling at the many flowers that the Mangetout had when I spotted a fully grown juicy green pod! YUM!  I held this precious little jewel in my hand and secretly walked over to Dan to share our first taste of the lottie.

That was it, let the summer of munching start!

So for lunch we all shared radish and salad leaves, packed into wholemeal pittas with hummus and chorizo.... ah bliss is allotment lunches.

So much more to come...

Purple Sprouting Broccolli

Not sure how I'm gonna get this into a pitta!

Whilst munching, I realised the plot had become very quiet.  Where was Charlie?

Charlie has discovered how the water trough fills with water and how it magically stops before overflowing... hours of fun with a stick, a ball stop cock and water.

Plot: Last Day of May

Plot is looking great, thanks to my wonderful Mr for cutting down all of the weeds with the shears, me I would have bought a strimmer!  The dedication!

What have you eaten from the plot so far this year?

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  1. I have some lollo rosso lettuce that's almost ready for picking, everything is so slow this year due to the late frost a couple of weeks back. *sigh*
    I've never grown Mange-tout,no idea why, as my husband could munch on those all day long - will have to make room on my plot next year :0)


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