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Strawberry picking & Jam making

Charlie's biggest strawberry

One of the joys of summer is to pick fresh juicy strawberries and munch them straight from the plant.

I haven't picked my own strawberries for years, and most of the farms in our area have stopped doing Pick your own, either due to financial reasons or lack of interest.  Well, I decided we as a family need to do this, it's important isn't it?

There is only one farm near Bristol that is still doing this, Chosen Hill Farm over looking the gorgeous Chew Valley Lake, so off we went to pick strawberries for Jam.

View from the farm with Chew Valley Lake in the distance.

We were not disappointed, such a beautiful farm and fields of strawberries, black currants, peas and broad beans as far as the eye could see, ripe for the picking.

Soon our baskets were filled with the best looking and best tasting strawberries I have ever seen.  These little plump babies were destined for the jam pot.

Somebody ate more than he picked, but hey that's cool, isn't that what 2 years old supposed to do?

Once home I wasted no time in capturing that fresh strawberry taste and turned these into the sweetest strawberry jam.

Unfortunately, no tasting these until the depths of winter.  When it's cold and gloomy outside, I will bring out these little pots of sunshine and we will remember this glorious sunny day and look forward to summer next year.

Are you doing any jamming (strawberry or Bob Marley)?!  Yes, this song was going round my head whilst I was stirring the pot... mad how the mind works!

Have a great weekend!


  1. How delicious, I'm hoping to go strawberry picking soon - just looking for somewhere local. I love homemade jams, they are just the best and Mr loves making them so I get to just eat them, scrummy!

  2. oohh yummy. We have a strawberry picking farm in our village and I really must take the kiddies this year!

  3. i have such amazing memories of picking fruit when i was younger! Pregnancy has put an end to my picking for this season...but you've inspired to make jam...what's maternity leave for if not the preserving of fruit?! x

  4. I totally recommend this... it was fantastic fun. Only down points, Dan wasn't with us (he sooo wants a go at jam making), and I haven't been able to get the strawberry juice outta Rufus' monkey t-shirt!... tip wear old clothes. x

    H, this is sooo what maternity leave is for! Making jars of love for your little babe!..

  5. I can't wait to make some jam- a little job for next weekend I feel, with atrip to a PYO! I'm going to make some and keep it for Christmas presies I think Cx

  6. "Oh yum!" says my 13 year-old! I popped over to see you because I felt so in tune with what you'd written about the disadvantages of a bell tent on Maisie's Attic... Time away from boys is essential, whatever their age - and they really appreciate a bit of independence and trust too. Anyway, we think your family look great, and we remember strawberry picking trips too!

  7. Thank you for your comment Floss... and welcome! Hope to have more chats soon.. Lou x

  8. Anonymous27.8.11

    There is another pyo farm, st aldams, pucklechurch and Yate, about 15/20mins from Bristol city centre.

    Gemma, BristolFoodie


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