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Dancing to the Darkness

This Saturday saw the School PTA Barbecue.  It was our first school event, so we hadn't a clue what it would be like.  I thought we would just turn up and a be given a burger and parents would stand around and chat.


A wonderful mini festival took place!

There was masses of bunting, delicious sausages, corn on the cob, a multitude of salads, beer by the keg, cool kids taking over the fort and live music.

Hot air balloon fly bys (well this happens everyday in Bristol).

Between the live acts on stage, they played extremely loud (yes I am old) music, which the kids went crazy too.  My boys loved it when they played The Darkness 'I believe in a thing called love'.  Moves I have never seen before!

Whilst the children danced, played with glo sticks and hang out with their friends, we 'grown ups' got terribly drunk on real ale from the brewers over the road (as local as you like!), and was able to actually chat! Yes, I know!  Those of you who have young kids will understand this bit!

Yes, there was stage diving and pushing in the mosh pit, but hey it was just kids yeah!

A thoroughly brilliant night!  Bring on more school events!

Hurray for school!



  1. wowza what a truly lovely school- very coool!!!! bands, bunting, food and alotta fun -what more could one ask for at their school woooowww! little girl is at pre school but if its anything like that at big school i want to enrol too hehe!!!!
    lovely blog as always ;0)x kazzy x

  2. Areou sure it was only the kids in the mosh pit ? lol looks like a fab party !

  3. Wow - now that sounds like 'my' kind of school fair - not the sedated thing of a booorrring fete our schools put on!!

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina xxx

  4. Looks like you're slotting into this 'school mum' role brilliantly, after all xxx

  5. Thank you! Yeah after my rant a few weeks ago, I felt much better and got stuck into school life! Cant fight it... go with it x


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