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Pots of loveliness

I just want to start with a thank you!  Thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post, it has really helped. 

Someone once said that being a Mum will get easier as the kids get older?? Really?  I think NOT! As they get older it just brings along new challenges and new worries as each landmark comes up. I used to cling hold of this these words of wisdom, but now I feel I just have to face the fact, being a mum isnt and never will be easy!

So, today, I have spent time, wandering cow patted fields, mooing at cows (actually bulls, was a little scared to be honest, but told Rufus it was a fat mummy cow coming towards us!), picked blackberries and just enjoyed the sunshine.

It feels now that days like these are becoming special, a gift almost.  Like the season is being taken away from us, soon to be replaced.

I didnt take my camera, sometimes its good to just be, rather than thats a great shot!  So sorry no pics of the poo or the bull!

But another Thank you instead.

I went to collect a lovely gift today at the post office.... such a great surprise when the boys opened it.

Not one but two pots of loveliness...

Earlier I posted about doing a Chutney swap with Charley over at Flora and Purl blog and today these gorgeous little jars were inside the box.  The large jar is Charley's own recipe for Tomato Chutney and the small, ever so cute, jar is Gooseberry Jam! 

So very excited!  Cannot wait to have these.  Love the fabric.  My boys loved the Pirate one, and claimed this jar as their own, saying Mummies have the love heart!

Thank you Charley!  Here's to future swaps of jars!



  1. Hurrah! Glad they arrived without leaking all over the place!

    I feel I can comment a little better on the starting school thing now, having calmed down affter yesterday's fiasco! Flora starts back in year 1 tomorrow, and Steve went back to work today for the first time in 18 months, so this will be the first year she will have to go to breakfast and afterszchool club etc. Feeling kind of weird that we won't have the same lovelyu relationship with her teacher and won't feel in the loop as much (although i should do as I'm a governor, but hey!). He will be fine- F loved it, but they always have their ups and downs- expect terrible behaviour in the week before the first 1/2 term, it's just knackerdness! (I wish someone had warned me of that!) xx

  2. Oh blimey... this school thing is turning out to be a whole new thing I hadnt expected! Thanks for the october warning! I know he will be completely knackered.. he just is so excited to learn. Big hugs for the change in family life... good luck to Steve in his new job x


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