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Right now, I AM:

Yes he is still in his pyjamas!

Right now, I AM: Enjoying hanging out with Rufus.  Having important one on one time, whilst Charlie is at school.  We have enjoyed the City Farm, making robots and baking. I am making sure I remember every bit of this precious time.

I am taking part of Earth Mama: right now, I AM:: a series. Every Wednesday we have to post one image combined with a short sentence that starts out as "right now, I AM...". With the belief this simple exercise helps to take a moment out of the day to open our eyes, take a look around, and see something wonderful that is right in front of us.


  1. It is so important and difficult at the same time to get one on one time with my kids when there are more then one. It is something I struggle with everyday. Noticing the little things is what is working for me too. What a great robot and thanks for sharing!


  2. so cute! we will definitely have to make a robot now.

  3. Such a cute little face. That robot looks fantastic. Enjoy.

  4. Awwww, good for you! Having twins, I always struggled to get one-on-one time. Often my husband and I would do our errands separately so we could each bring one kid for some quality time :-) Enjoy your time!


  5. Bottoms I forgot to do the I Am this week :-(


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