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Right now I AM:

Right now I AM: Watching the rain pour down outside.  Thankful of it watering my plants, cleaning the streets, making everything green and new again. I am glad of the rain, it means less work watering the allotment.  I don't mind the rain, so long as the sun comes back again soon.


  1. don't you just love the rain? i guess it is today's theme!

    here is mine

  2. We just had lots of rain too. Our entire world must be getting a cleanse this week! Love the bright green leaves with water droplets streaming off! Wishing you some sunshine soon.


  3. Hello
    I'm popping over via Earth Mama :) I love the rain to but we just finished being poured on for days so I was happy to see the sun today *grin*. Gotta love it when it waters your garden though :)


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