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Charlie came home from school yesterday with a sticker attached to his drinks bottle.

The sticker said "Head Teachers Award".

When we asked him what he did to get the award, he said he did really good at tidying up this week.

I asked him who gave it to him he said,

"Mrs Wilson, you know she is the Queen of School"

I replied "Yes, I suppose she is", trying my hardest not to giggle!

(Mrs Wilson is the Head of his School, so in his eyes she is the queen!)

Another pearl of wisdom from my son, I am sure there are more to come.



  1. aaaahh well done to your little one , an award form the Queen is fab!

    Love your new look :-)

  2. Wow, well done Charlie- must be like a knighthood in his book! Cx

    ps I have just organised a little giveaway type thingy over on my blog- pop over and enter xx


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