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Halloween Preparation

This afternoon was a hive of activity in the Taylor household.  We were whipping up a spooky storm in the kitchen.

Pumpkins were carved, biscuits & muffins made and seeds were toasted.

Dan was chief carver of the pumpkins (a job he absolutely loves doing), and helped the boys create the most amazing scary lanterns.

These have to be the best he has done yet.

(Thanks to Uncle Jonathan for bringing over the most amazing pumpkin carving kit from Canada, on his recent visit, it really helped).

Charlie made some creepy looking Bat Biscuits.

I love this one!  Smiling faced bat.

The concentration and attention he gave them. He couldn't wait to taste them, secretly nibbling away when I wasn't looking.

I also used the pumpkin innards to make pumpkin & choc chip muffins using a pumpkin shaped silicon muffin tray from Sainsbury's. These didn't turn out too great, as they got a bit stuck inside their cases.  I don't think I buttered the cases enough.

I also had a go at making Spicy Pumpkin Seeds a recipe by Alys Fowler in her book the Edible Garden.

Basically, I rinsed the seeds of all the gloop, the spread them out on a baking tray.  Gave them a good drizzle of olive oil and sprinkled them with sea salt, chilli powder and cumin powder  Mixed them all up until they were really coated.  Then popped them in the oven for 15 mins til puffed up and toasted.

Totally yum!  I've had to put them away, as I couldn't stop stuffing my face.  These will perfect to nibble on Bonfire Night with a glass of real ale.

Hope you are ready for tomorrow's shenanigans.



  1. Wow, you have been busy!! I love the pumpkin seeds idea, will try that for sure. And also love the photo of the bat icing, it's a very cool bat indeedy :)

  2. Wow- what awesome pumpkins- clever Mr Lou!

  3. OMG those pumpkins are incredible!

  4. Those pumpkins are amazing - doing ours tomorrow, you know she's gonna have to be pretty though! Sigh...

  5. Oh wow those seeds sound lovely especially with a glass of real ale ;) xxx

  6. Hey Lou, I think I need to pop round to your house and taste those homemade goodies !!! It looks like you've had a great time. And I love the word 'wowzer' that you used over at mine and can only say the same about the AMAZING carved pumpkins !!!
    Happy days to you!
    Denise x
    Hey - check out the Vintage and Handmade Fair in Chipping Sodbury as that's coming up next month and not too far from Bristol :-)

  7. Great pumpkins, yummy seeds, have a fantastic time! ... :0)

    Shirl xxx

  8. Happy Halloween!!

    I love your preparations and 'oooohhhhhh' those pumpkins look amazing.

    Nina xxx

  9. Pumpkin carving brilliance from Mr Lou there - and Charlie's biscuits are fab too. Happy Halloween!

  10. WoW! to those pumpkins!
    yay Canada for the carving kit :)

  11. Fab pumpkins, and great idea for the seeds too!


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