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Clementine Curd Recipe ~ Homemade Christmas Gift Inspiration

I've been trying to think of things to make for Christmas gifts.

Last year I made Christmas chutney, knitted hot water bottle covers, made crystalised ginger chocs.

So this year, I wanted to make something really different.

I found this really simple recipe by Jamie Oliver, so easy to do, just don't read your emails whilst cooking it as it can scramble the eggs (I got a few white lumps... ughh).


6 x Clementines
2 x Lemons
4 x eggs (well beaten)
2 x yolks
350gr Caster Sugar
100gr Unsalted Butter (diced)

In a large saucepan put the zest & juice of the fruit, eggs, & sugar.
Place on a very low heat and then add the butter.
Stir constantly, otherwise it may scramble. 
 Keep scraping the edges and sides to prevent scrambling.
Once the liquid thickens and coats the back of the wooden spoon.
Pour into sterlised jars.

Use within a month.

This recipe made only 3 jars... I am going to double up the quantities next time.

Tastes delicious, Charlie can't get enough of it.



  1. My goodness you're talented. I've not been to Bristol in over a decade, but have been there on a couple of occasions in my life to see family friends; I always thought 'Withywood' a funny name. :)

  2. Gosh that does look deeeeelicious.

    Have a fabulous weekend,

    Nina xxx

  3. Looks lovely - I have had my thinking cap on about home-made pressies too but haven't been so oragnised as to actually make anything so you have inspired me to get moving!

  4. That does look delicious Lou, I make lemon curd but have yet to try it with other fruits.

    I've come via Tabiboo, and I'm so glad I did :o)

    Sue x

  5. Thank you for this Lou :-)
    I'll definitely try it out, as I'm not sure I want the chutney aroma in the house this week (!) so maybe some clementine curd will do very nicely ;-)
    I'm delighted that Johnny brought a tremble to your knees !!
    Denise x

  6. yum! looks lovely too. the Kids I made crystalised ginger chocs, dark & milk for the grannies last year which went down a storm. So will be at it again this year. If it ain't broke don't fix it! Jacs x

  7. Sounds lovely;o) Yum... Have to try it some day;o)

  8. Thank you for providing a solution to my overload of clementines. Will be off to find some jam jars tomorrow :)


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