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The New Coat Drama

(above, me & Ru last Christmas queuing to see Father Christmas)

Since the first hint of Autumn I have been dreaming, searching for a new coat.

I have worn this coat for the past 3 years and as much as I love it's greeness and warmth, I feel I deserve a new one.  I mean, 3 years!!! Honestly!

It has done me proud, kept me cosy during the snowy weather last winter, but since dropping a dress size I feel totally swamped by it.

So, I have been looking, hoping Father Christmas might put one in my stocking this year.

I love Zara, and have had my eye on the following coats..but to be honest, the prospect of actually making the final decision is filling me with dread!  I will probably have this coat for the next 3 years and if I choose on a whim I might dislike it this time next year! 

So you can see my anguish!

Help is very much needed ladies!!

Short list:

So you can see my problem?  These coats are fantastic, and all completely different!!

Okay,  I spend most of my time with two boys, and doing school runs... it needs to be warm and practical... yet a little bit stylish, surely?




  1. 1 or 4 are my favourite. Number 3 doesn't look warm enough to me. 5 looks like it might be a little 'old', it may be the items they have styled it with though.

  2. Hi Lou
    I love the shape of the grey coat with the hood and belt - very stylish but also very practical :-)
    I'm just the same in holding onto coats for years - my current warm coat I've had for about 6 years (yes really!) and it's rather shapeless... but last week I found a very nice green coat in a charity shop. It's at the dry cleaners now and I'm hoping it will help bring a bit of style and shape to my winter wardrobe !
    Good luck with your coat hunting !!
    Denise x

  3. i like number 1...very cute! but don't take any advice from me as i am terrible for buying coats that aren't really warm enough. good luck with your decision making! x

  4. No.1 all the way, very stylish and will definitely take you through 3 years ... :0)

    Shirl x

  5. The top one most definitely for me - classic and warm and verrrry trendy in an old stlye kind of way.

    Nina xxx

    ps. we have the same hat!!

  6. No. 4 gets my vote, closely followed by 1.

  7. I really like number 1 and also number 3 but am not sure that one will be very warm.

  8. I agree with the majority. Number 1 would be great. It looks stylish, warm and won't show any childish stains!! Ann x

  9. Oooh shopping. I love number 5- it's very quirky, but I reckon you could carry it off xx

  10. Judging by how stunning you look in the green coat with your beret, I would go for the grey hooded one with a belt to show off your newly dropped dress size! I like the style of no 1 but not too keen on the checks long term - possibly a dating thing. As in could get dated, not going out on dates, tho always a good thing! I also like the green one above it army styley one.
    Good luck with it all. You looked fab in the old one, I am sure anything will look fab on you!

  11. I agree coat making is difficult. I agree with most the comments above I like number 1, looks like you could use it for another 3 years!


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