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School Christmas Craft Fair 2010

This week Charlie's school held it's annual fundraising Christmas Craft fair.

I volunteered to help.

So this morning I helped Children make:

Pipe cleaner Candy Canes
Doily Snowflakes
Christmas Cards
Reindeer Wooden Spoons

Children paid £2 each to spend time in the craft room, get gluey, covered in glitter and generally have a ball making christmasy things.

We must have made a mint! The amount of children in the classroom all working away.  I suppose they are used to coming into school and making things.

Charlie & Rufus had a go at the Reindeers and cards.

I love the expressions on the spoons faces... look like they had too much sherry!  They did have red pompom noses, but we were having trouble sticking them to the spoon.

The rest of the craft fair involved stall holders selling all kinds of things from cakes to toys, jewellery to hand made wooden utensils.

Father Christmas came for a visit too.

I hope we raised lots money for the school.


  1. I love those spoons too - what a lovely idea!

  2. Love those reindeer spoons. Well done you!

  3. so cute!
    Thanks for the song
    will make the curd!!!

    xxxx Guusje

  4. Oh those expressions are priceless! Love it. We had some spoons once that we drew on with a cake-making edible pen. Bini enjoyed that it was used to cook with when she was 'helping' mummy. Hope all your hard work paid off for the school. Jacs x

  5. These are soo sweet - our Christmas fair is coming and so you've made me excited! Thanks for your nice words on the origami lights - I had forgotten about Papervillage. I popped in once very briefly and it was lovely - there were lots of origami cranes everywhere. Origami paper is ££££ so I have mine hidden away from tiny paws!


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