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Elving part deux

Four weeks ago I bottled 2 pounds of frozen plums (from the boys Great Grandfathers plum tree) into a large kilner jar. 

Added 200g of Caster Sugar and topped it up with good quality Brandy.

Every few days I gave the jar a shake to dissolve the sugar and macerate the plums.

Today (4 weeks later), I poured the plum brandy into little glass bottles as gifts for family this Christmas.

Hurry up Father Christmas!

I can't maintain a level of normality in the house anymore!



  1. Oooh yummy. I still need to fish the damsons out of my vodka- a job for Christmas eve I reckon!

  2. Have you resorted to drinking it yourself yet? looks lovely! Lovin your santa. Jacs x

  3. oooh sounds so nice! we made sloe gin one year but we were very selfish and drank it all ourselves! x

  4. Wow, looks amazing! What a great idea for plums! Have a lovely Christmas x


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