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A snowy sledge to the Park

Woah!  Didn't it snow last night?!

We woke to a few inches of snow here in Bristol... yay!

Also Yay for it being a Saturday and the first day of school holidays!

We took the sledge to the park and did a bit of shopping on route.

Clifton Suspension Bridge - the view from the end of our road.

Super strong Daddy pulled the boys all the way to the park. 

Down the hill to North Street, our local high street.

Charlie's school covered in snow.

Past the local brewery & a stop off at the bakers for a loaf of seeded sour dough and bread pudding.  Notice the lettering saying DAN(CE)... with Dan stood next to it!

Oo I've just notice the sign, Barn Dance!  I wonder what that was like?

The park looked glorious in the sunshine.

Charlie pointed out these huge christmas trees.

The boys had a sledge down the hill.

Yes folks, this is my new coat.  I chose an amazingly warm Parka in the end.  So glad I did, it is so very toasty, too warm, I was cooking!

We walked/sledged slowly home, with a stop at the deli for hot chocolate.



  1. Ooooh lovely- that looks so much fun! It's really deep out here and we're going to save our sledging energy for tomorrow morning I think. Can't wait to get the fire going when the girls are in bed! x

  2. Aw, Bristol looks so beautiful in the snow! I actually stayed in Bristol for 3 months in 2001.. but it was springtime. I love it there! Great hills!! What a lovely day you've had. We have snow here too, but are being homebodies ;)

  3. Great pics Lou. Mr and little Miss J and P have gone sledging too.

  4. you look like you have had a good day. Ps i think your choice of coat was a good one too!

  5. Anonymous18.12.10

    It's wonderful to see the joy you now get from your children ****

    M x


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