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Stars, Glitter & Dens

Yes, today we have been Elving (apparently it is such a word - meaning to make things for Christmas).

Boys have also made a pile of toys in their bedroom.

Wee'd on a mattress.

Watched the Christmas Octonauts episode (must have been the 8th time this week of watching it!)

Made Lego quad bikes.

And played Dens.


Bring on wine o'clock!

Day one of the holidays!



  1. Just got back from picking up the big one. Bring on the fun and crafting. We've had snow too this afternoon, great big fat flakes - feeling Christmassy now! Enjoy! x

  2. my you have had fun today, not surprised if you are feeling abit tired at least the little ones had a great day x

  3. Ha apart from being in the Nth Hemisphere your life is not disimiliar to mine at all! Have a great weekend! Sonia :)


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