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It's funny how things can spark imagination play.

Rufus and I this afternoon watched this episode of Shaun the Sheep on Iplayer.  The result was a packed half hours play of all things piratey, including playing Yohoho pairs game and reading this and this book.




  1. Wow, we had that game ages ago (children now 12 and 13)... I remember, we finally sold it at a Vide Grenier at the school, so hopefully it's still being used, but now in French!

  2. We had that game too. The boys loved all things pirate - from dressing up to playing with their playmobil pirate ship.

  3. Aaaw, gorgeous pics...what a nice afternoon! He's a handsome man that's for sure. And what a super pirate ship husband would definitely want that for Bertie! Thanks for your lovely comments of late too. x

  4. A little joke for you:
    How did Captain Hook die?
    - He wiped his bottom with the wrong hand!
    (My boys love that one) xx

  5. ah we/i love the night pirates, & Olives fancy dress of choice is always the pirate one (or the buzz one - you can clearly tell she has a big brother!)

  6. I know what you mean about things sparking an interest. That's a fabulous pirate ship Rufus has. My son received a pirate outfit for xmas complete with two swords. He loves dress ups.

  7. Pirates have always gone down well in our house despite Alice being a girly xox Such beautiful pictures of your sweet son x

  8. You've gotta love a themed playtime! I remember when I was a fresher and more exciting mother, I used to theme our days. It worked brilliantly, such that I am trying to remember why I don't do this anymore! x


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