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A subtle whiff of orange....

There a satisfying whiff of Orange in my kitchen.  It must mean it is Marmalade season.

One of my most favourite things to do at this time of year is pot up glowing jars of thick golden orangey goodness and have it on hot buttered toast in the morning.  I use this recipe from the River Cottage Preserves book, my preserving bible... it's brilliant, so much so that my mum requested a copy for christmas.

The Seville Orange season is only for about a month mid Jan to mid Feb... so hurry and make some quick! 

Oooo I cannot wait for Breakfast tomorrow!

And yes, Rufus was wearing an appropriately coloured top for the occasion!



  1. Mmm....marmalade. I've still got about five jars from last year's marmalade making. I think I'll make a small batch though. Wouldn't be January without the kitchen smelling of oranges.

  2. Mmmm, glad you reminded me that it's that time of year again. Must look out for some seville oranges.

  3. oh, yum, I bet the house does smell amazing!

  4. yum, im reading this at 4am and now have a craving for that jam! Love those oranges bobbling in the pot, im going to get that book too!

  5. oh btw another blogger i follow did a post on presering, her blog is called natural suburbia, you might like it too, and i mentioned you to her also.

  6. Nom nom nom! I can smell it from here ;) Now that I think about it, I haven't had ANY marmalade since arriving in Belgium. 8 months!!! I don't even think they sell it here :( I am going to make some for sure, thanks!!!
    This is a mouth watering post, truly, I am drooling!
    :)`` Rhi

  7. Dear Lou
    Thank you for your lovely comment about the lego - I may just take you up on that :-)
    Ooh marmalade - I've never made it, though I've created lots of jam in my time. You've inspired me to have a go, so I'll be looking out for the sevilles !!
    What glorious weather we had today - I hope you had fun in the sun too,
    D x

  8. I must make some too! never made it before, you have inspired me!
    really only doing it so that I can use my big catherine holm enamel pan with the orange leaf design and feel a little bit pleased with my self!

  9. Fantastic! I love homemade marmalade. I might get my husband onto it! He's still all about bread at the moment though! In response to your comment ages ago about choosing the black kitchenaid....I have to admit, we're a little disappointed with the colour (would've preferred something a bit more fun), but it was a gift, and I think a very good price deal was there for the taking in the black. I have found myself gushing over the yellow one since I admit...and I don't even use the darn things!

  10. My father is coming to stay in Bristol for 6 weeks and it is an annual ritual for him so may get him to involve us in the making this year - looks like you had fun. I was thinking about you today wondering if we would bump into each other. Please stop me if you see me on Thursday!

  11. Yes, at first I thought you were talking about his jumper!!
    Marmalade sound divine! I bet it smells divine too!! Right now my house smells like pop corn :-)

  12. I love marmalade, I will instruct Mr to make some, he's the preserve master in this house. He made a marrow marmalade which is delicious but I do love the tang of an orange one. Thanks for the reminder.


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