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Despite Ru feeling unwell today... the sun shone it's hardest through the window.  Inticing me to step out into the garden for a few minutes (during Ru playing with the cooking set - hot chocolate and fried egg sandwiches were on the menu I think), and I made this.

I feel I achieved something today.  A small step towards bigger gardening projects I think!



  1. i hope Ru's on the mend, chicken pox is doing the rounds at pre-school, so i'm just waiting for Olive to go down with it! happy days x

    was so lovely to have the sunshine with us again today!

  2. Oh my- that is fabulous! I hope Rufus is feeling better soon x

  3. I love your jug o' house leek. Good that you gave yourelf a moment or two. I do hope Rufus perks up at the weekend so you can see that lion.

    It's funny, I made two miniscule house leeks in silver yesterday.


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