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cooking crab on the beach - Wales

fforest microadventure sea kayaking from fforest camp on Vimeo.

I must have played this little video at least 5 times to the boys.
Each time, wanting it played over and over again.
Rufus thinks he is the guy with the yellow Kayak and Charlie the older dude with the beard who catches the crab.
Something to aspire to - at least they can think about it when they are learning to swim.
Fresh cooked crab on the beach anyone?


  1. Got to work early this morning & thought I'd treat myself to a little blog check before I got started. That video is summer! Do I want to work now? No siree; I want to run away, surf (even though I can't) and cook crab on that beach.

  2. oh summer time how I wish you were here now, that is a lovely video. x


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