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day trip to Bath {sorry lots of photos!}

We woke this morning and the sun was shining so brightly.
We decided today should be a fun day, and Charlie shouldn't be in school on a day like today.
A day like today is a gift after the winter we have had.
We took a trip to Bath, on the request by the boys..... we must go on the open top bus.
So we did.
Bath is glorious, especially in the sun. 
It's good to take a day off every now and then.


  1. Oh my- what a fabulous thing to do! You all look like you had such a great time and it is great that you managed to make the very most of the sunshine. I wish I could be a bit more relaxed about school- my intitial reaction was 'oooh that is soooo naughty'!! xxxx

  2. What a great way to spend the day! It looks like good weather, i will be in london next week so hope it stays around!


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