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picnic at tyntesfield

We took a trip out of Bristol to Tytesfield Estate
A picnic on the main lawn and a walk/bike ride around the estate.
I love the walled kitchen garden, so inspiring.  They have already giant leeks and the broad bean plants are already knee high!
The eyelets in the wall always amaze me.   And the fanned fruit trees, are so ancient their trunks at the base are at least a foot wide.
We took advantage of free entry for this weekend, so did everyone else!
Shame it was a cloudy day today.
Tomorrow is supposed to be sunnier.... off to the lottie for sowing, me thinks.  I feel inspired!


  1. Wow- I love the fanned fruit trees- so pretty with the blossom x

  2. Looks lovely - I must go now that the scaffolding has come down!

  3. Hi Lou, lovely blog !
    The eyelets are amazing, and the sharp bowl haircut trees inspired me for in my own garden...i can already see the kids sitting underneath it. It would be nice to somehow fix a rail to it, all around just underneath the leaves, to attach fabric to...perfect tree den with a bowl shaped leave roof !
    Will go there with my children and find out what kind of tree it is.


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