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gardening in pyjamas

Today we spent at home.
Sowing seeds of squashes, pumpkins, courgettes and cucumbers.
The boys decided to go on and water the garden - which is all in pots as our small yard is concrete.  I try to bring some green in by growing ferns, trees, roses, tomatoes and strawberries all in pots and troughs.
Thank goodness we have an allotment!
Charlie enjoyed spraying the plants with the broken hose... Rufus obviously didn't enjoy it as much as his brother!! 
They both enjoyed having a pyjama day though.... bliss.


  1. oh thats so lovely, was he getting sprayed by his brother with the hose, he looks like he is? you are so good with all the seeds, i havent done any planting yet...another gardening yr seems to be zooming by me as i try to sort out our crazy wilderness garden! lovely lovely weather though to have a pj day at home. loving the fern! jane xxx

  2. It's funny as I have a lovely big garden with a large lawn yet I've always dreamed of a tiny yard to fill with potted plants.
    Yours looks lovely xx

  3. Your day sounds just like ours! My boys love staying in their pjs and who can blame them. One of the many joys of being on holiday.
    Jenny x

  4. gardening in pyjamas is the best thing ever! i might do that today. have you changed your blog banner? looks gorgeous. have a great weekend. x

  5. Lovely scrummy boys! We've just sown our courgettes, pumpkin and squashes too x

  6. Adorable! I have to cut my flowers to sell at sillyoclock in the morning and have been known to dash out in my PJs praying the neighbours are still asleep!
    Delighted to have discovered your lovely blog.

  7. Nothing like pottering around the garden in your jim jams :-) Mind you my neighbour took it one step too far yesterday when he was raking the front garden in just his dressing gown an I mean only his dressing gown - a bit of a shock to see when you open your curtains lol

  8. shirtless with stripes - its a good look! this is all too cute.

  9. Looks like a perfect day. Some pyjama time is always fun!


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