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the look

I can't get this out of my head since Friday night.
Our neighbours had a Royal Wedding BBQ - and after they had drank themselves silly,they played this track over and over again, singing their hearts out.
It could have been worse - it could have been Queen, We are the champions or something equally royal.
Anway, I have just watched Metronomy perform it live on Jools Holland.. so it looks like I will be going to sleep with still going round my head again tonight!
Great tune,though!


  1. Thank you - now it is my head. Love those seagulls. Will look out for them on Jools - we have it recorded.

  2. Its quite hypnotic, very sweet. love those seagulls and the drum girls outfit

  3. oohh I like it and the video is fab! Never heard this one before - thanks for sharing.


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