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Introducing Charlie the Gapster
It's out, it took only 5 days from 1st wobble to out on the floor and bleeding.
He must have been wiggling it.
Thank goodness for icepops.
This tiny tiny tooth which arrived in his little mouth when he was only 3 months old, is currently inside a metal toy egg (for want of a treasure box), which is in his fist, under his pillow.
He is waiting and listening for the little bells of the Tooth Fairy. 
He is expecting a GOLD coin and a little note.
I had better get practicing my tiny handwriting and find my glitter!


  1. Very sweet! I hope you're better at being a tooth fairy than my own parents who ALWAYS forgot!

  2. they seem so grown up when they start getting their big teeth! we've luckily had quite a big break in-between losing the bottom two & the top two wobbling, so at least once they do go he won't be too gappy! x

  3. Aaaw- bless him! He looks so proud x

  4. Super cute! My parents used to write me tiny letters from the tooth fairy too! I loved them and still have them somewhere.

    (and thanks for your comment on my last blog.)

  5. So cute! First lost tooth is such a thrill! Unfortunately, when my Caleb lost his first tooth last year we forgot all about it until we found a little note that had been slipped under our door in the morning asking where his money was! Oops!! We came up with some excuses for the fairy and had her write an explanation!

    (This is my first visit to your lovely blog. Came here via lizey lou)


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