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Pirate Dens and beady monsters...

Charlie stayed home again today.
Rest and home play is what he is need of.
We made some curious beasties out of hama beads.
And the most amazing pirate den was constructed in their bedroom.
All the toys, dressing up clothes and bed covers are now strewn all over the floor.
Ah well, at least he is feeling a little better.
School tomorrow.. I need to have a rest!

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  1. He looks as though he has had a fab day. Hope he gets better soon - for you as well as him! Lovely cards Lou x

  2. Especially love the croc- hope Charlie is back to his usual self soon x

  3. Hope C is rested and feeling better. Love the new list too! That bedroom!

  4. I love those beady things .. I think I would play with them as much as my kids!
    Sometimes a couple of days at home fixes everything.

    Oh and my card arrived yesterday - its gorgeous, cant wait to frame it and get it on my wall - thanks Lou x

  5. Ooh yeah Hama Beads! Love 'em. So does the hoover...


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