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pre-school & year 1

So the new term has begun.
Charlie has started Year 1.  He couldn't wait to get back to it.
I trimmed his hair last night and this morning he stood in front of the mirror in his new school uniform admiring himself.
'I look sooooo smart'! He said excitedly.
Oh my boy, I hope you will always be excited about school.
Rufus had his first session at pre-school.
It was after lunch and all morning I was badgered about going.
He was fine... came out with a sticker saying he enjoyed the water table.
So there it is... back to school, reading, pack lunches and uniforms.
Only 6 weeks til half term!


  1. Glad it went well and hope you enjoyed your children free time! Sam was feigning illness this morning (desperately trying to avoid school) but came home saying he loved school and his friend Anais :)

  2. Awww, such lovely pictures. It's such a wonderful feeling when they're happy about going back to school. My daughter, Amy, is really excited about starting her new school on Wednesday!

    CJ xx

  3. Aaah, they both look so cute. Mine goes back to school tomorrow, but is not happy about it!

  4. Aaaw Charlie really is looking grown up now and very smart and handsome. You'll be amazed how much progress he'll suddenly make in year1, now they start having quite structured lessons. Glad Rufus got on well too xx

  5. Don't they both look smart :)

    My 2 are back tomorrow - the most important thing - to take the official back to school photos - so we can see how much they've changed in the past year :)

  6. Those boys looks scrummy.

  7. oh wow. totally adorable. isi's back tomorrow, also year one. he's looking forward to it. i forgot to cut his fringe. bums. x

  8. What gorgeous little men you have!
    :) xx

  9. Aww that is sweet, two very handsome boys you have there! x


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