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Today Charlie came home from school early, complaining of a stomach ache.
I bought some old school plasticine to keep him and Ru occupied for 5 minutes.
It has a different texture than playdoh and they enjoyed moulding it into shapes of food.
Soon Charlie had made a plate of broccoli, pizza, baked beans and spaghetti bolognaise!
I think Charlie is just extremely tired and day of doing 'nothing' but craft and lego will do him some good.


I have updated my love list over on the side bar.
Please go check them out.
The bedroom HAS to be seen!


  1. I love your love list! And I hope Charlie is feeling better. Sometimes they just need some home-time comfort to mend them. They’re still so little when it comes to all this school lark. I have always had issues with plasticine due to the fact it used to stink and I couldn’t bear it as a child! Does it still smell funny, or has it improved now? I hope it has :) xx

  2. Oh that room is just gorgeous!!!! I wish I was still living in Qld and could do my kids' rooms like that!!
    We need to get some new plasticine too, it's such a good change from play dough, easier to clean up too huh?!
    Hope Charlie is feeling 100% soon, a rest day sounds perfect. School is tough work!
    x Rhi
    ps. love your new header too, Miss Lou x

  3. Love the colours in that pic. Hope he's feeling better soon. x Jacs x

  4. just reading about charlies meal is making me feel hungry - always did like nibbling plasticine when I was a littley...

  5. He's obviously feeling a bit better if he's making plasticene meals! Why is it always the same as soon as term begins, they all drop like flies? Thanks for the lovely cards btw, the welly boot one was supposed to be sent to a friend who has moved house, but Harry won't let me send it. He says it's too nice and is insisting we keep them both!


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