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dance away the blues..

Had a rubbish day today... don't really want to go into it.
But I just wanna say thank you to the lovely support from my lovely friends.
I feel blessed to have such kind positive people around me.
This tune has made me feel happy along with the beautiful one below (thank you Elle) which made me feel alive.


  1. Hope that your week has a turn around, its good to talk, thanks for the post and reminding us that something will come out the woodwork to lift us!

  2. Sorry your day was bad - hope that you will have a better one tomorrow. You are right - friends are everything when times are hard x

  3. Oh no, Honey! I hope you're OK and you feel better soon with the help of your lovely friends. x

  4. something will turn up - or so my Granny says. Hope things are brighter today,

    Sarah x

  5. Oh Lou, only just noticed this post. I hope everything is okay for you and that today has been better. Sending you positive thoughts. Take care lovely lady!

  6. Boo to feeling crap, hope you feel better and brighter soon. x

  7. Hope you're ok lou, sorry you had such a crap day. Sending you good vibes from across the pond. X
    Ps when i get back let's plan our bristol day trip.

  8. I like the cheesey supermarket dancing, very upbeat :)


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