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clean bedroom...

I know I am supposed to be making a cake - slight procrastination going on here!
I've just cleaned my bedroom instead, and as it is normally a total mess I thought I would share it with you, whilst it's looking clean (for once!).
The hama heart was made for me by Charlie and hangs above where I sleep.
My current bedtime read is the brand new Bristol based magazine - Lionheart.
It is totally brilliant and I am very much in love with it.
You might recognise some 'famous' bloggers in there such as Hannah and Miss James.
Go get a copy!
The photographs on the wall are by myself and Cassia Beck - she does take some pretty images.
So there... my bedroom.
Best get on with icing a lego brick!


  1. I do love a good tidy. Must check out that mag, too, looks fab!

  2. oh your bedroom looks lovely! nice and fresh and restful. i regularly do a big clean up of ours only to turn round the next day and piles of everyones clothes cover each surface...the cat has snuck on the duvet with muddy paws...i have another mountain of books and magazines about to tumble off my bedside table!! so many cute details in yours. and gorgeous photos!

    off now to my baking too. i have had a precious hour with huey on the radio in the kitchen on my own. my cakes are baked and pink icing cometh later. we have a birthday tomorrow! when is your lego boy's?? xXx

  3. that mag looks very much like my cup of tea

    enjoy your weekend

  4. Your bedroom looks lovely and tidy. Well done!

  5. You've inspired me to get my finger out and jazz up our bedroom, it's so dull and just plain that it needs to change! Love the cushion detailing with the mushrooms [?] so cute!

  6. Ooh, looks gorgeous! Our bed has the exact same duvet cover on at the moment, and I love it MUCHLY!

    So glad to have found your blog :))

  7. Anonymous20.1.12

    Love the photographs taped on the wall - do you use a particular filter or app? My sister has hipstamatic on her iphone and it gives a gorgeous vintage feel to her pics.

  8. oh i so now need to pull my finger out and do my room, i still have piles of ironing that needs to be put away x

  9. I've got to do the same thing myself - just finishing my coffee first!

  10. that´s a happy bedroom! Love it

  11. Nothing like a clean bedroom so feel relaxed at bedtime after a stressful day. We are moving in about two months and I completely cleaned and redecorated our bedroom last weekend. The mister made fun of me, but I feel so much better having done it! x

  12. Thanks for the Lionheart tip-off. I went to Soma gallery and bought a copy and it's lovely. x

  13. Oh how I love your bed cover - that alone would make me want to spend every day in bed!!


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