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♥ Bristol

Fifty Fifty web advert 2012 - Korahn Gayle from GN FILMS on Vimeo.

Shows the beauty of Bristol from the street level.
I love it!


  1. Yay to Bristol! Wish I was young again and that skateboarder wanted to hang out with me....

  2. That is cool.
    I really do have to make sure that I get back to Bristol one day - looks like a lot of fab things are going on there!!

  3. Not that i know anything about skateboarding but that is pretty damn impressive! I Love Bristol too! I was so sad to leave when I finished uni. Definitely need to be heading back in a couple of years :)

  4. Very cool... damn that guy can skateboard! (Bet there's some cooler expression to say that but that's the best I got! ;))


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