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New Years

Hello hello!
How are we all on the first week of 2012?  I still haven't got used to saying 2012, sounds kinda futuristic, from a sci-fi movie or something!
Anyway, just a little pop by to say Hi.
We spent New Years weekend having lunch with family, followed by a marathon scrabble match in front of the fire with prosecco and pate! yum.
New Years Day, lunch with friends.  Delish food.
So good to hang out and let the kiddies play/argue over toys, whilst drinking red wine! ahem!
Photo is of the most delicate pink hyacinth that was in the centre of the table whilst we ate the first meal of 2012.
Happy Days.


  1. scrabble, red wine and time with friends - hope the rest of twenty twelve is as perfect! x

  2. Oh ny goodnes- that sounds like bliss. I adore scrabble so much- I need a weekend of scrablle and prosecco with you xx


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