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sunshine & new wall..

The sun has got it's hat on!
Hip hip hip hooray!
Gosh we haven't seen sunshine like this since before Christmas, it's been weeks?!
Thought I would take a few snaps of some new additions to my wall.
I dunno about you, but I feel the home always looks so bare once the Christmas Tree comes down, a perfect chance to move everything round and re-discover lost loves!

Okay so on image 3 they are:

Smile print by SeventyTree
Photo of me & Charlie when I was pregnant with Rufus
Vintage Tea Cup card by Rebekah Leigh
Bear Card by SeventyTree
Bristol Lino Print by Melanie Wickham
Zeiss Icon Contessa Camera by Rebekah Leigh
Modernist Card (one of 4) by Mrs Eliot Books
Drop card by SeventyTree
Laundry Day Card by Littlegreenshed
CatherineHolm print by Handz

Thank you to Rebekah, Kerry and Fran for such lovely, lovely gifts!
I have now updated the my Home page too!
Wow link heavy post - sorry!


  1. Yay! It was lovely wasn't it...I felt like spring was on it's way. The house looks lovely and love the prints, all beautiful!

  2. I like all of it.

  3. No sunshine here, you must have had it all! Lovely display x

  4. Love everything, good work lady! And the sunshine was was totally awesome!! Xx

  5. I'm craving rain and grey skies, for some cooler/relaxing weather.
    Your sideboard and prints are all groove-o-rama. You've got the modern/mid-century styling down pat.

  6. Inspiring and nicely arranged! What a lovely wall!

  7. oh yes, lovely wall, v sunshiney. your new 'smile' reaaly sets it off. thanks for the link. x

  8. What a lovely blog you have!
    I will come back soon

  9. Love it all! x

  10. It looks great Lou. I love a bit of new year styling :) Obviously very flattered that you’ve picked some of mine there - nice to see some Tree and Books and Shed cosied up together...and Rebekah too! Obviously as jealous as ever of the Marimekko. I found one teapot in the sale for £42, but I still can’t justify it. I just know that one day, I’ll wake up and this whole range will be gone :( Have a nice weekend xxx

  11. I actually like the 'bare' house look once the xmas decoration is out of the way, it is all very refreshing! Lovely colors and arrangements!

  12. love your little art wall,looks great
    and the teapot is a must-have

  13. love your little art wall,looks great
    and the teapot is a must-have

  14. Lovely rearrangement Lou (and thanks for putting mine in!!), but I do want to know where you keep finding these new walls, because ours are chocka...

  15. I love this wall- so much I love here. Love your blog. Look forward to reading this year, Jo x

  16. Oo I do love a good picture wall.


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