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Well Friday is here...
Half term is nearly over.
I feel pretty sad about that.
I love having the boys around.

* We have been to the zoo.
* Rode bikes and scooters.
* Been swimming.
* Saw a play about dinosaurs at the Old Vic theatre.
* Saw the Wildlife Photographer of Year exhibition at the Bristol Museum.
* Played in the park with friends.
* And made a den.


Tomorrow is Charlie's birthday party (yes his birthday was nearly a month ago, but this is the only time I could get!) at the local gymnastic's centre.
8 friends all trampolining, bouncing and scoffing cake!
Great fun.
Wishing you a wonderfully bright weekend.


  1. What a lovely list of half term treats!

    1. Thank you.. it has been good fun but exhausting at the same time. And not all smiley if you know what I mean! Tempers and tantrums have also been present. Have a good weekend. x

  2. What a busy and lovely week you have all had! My daughter is a huge fan of bouncing, I hope you all enjoy yourselves.

  3. Wow you have had a busy week! We tried to do lots of things but everywhere we went was packed. Today there was over an hour queue to get into a Museum. We just gave up in the end and went to a local cafe! Enjoy the party tomorrow. Jen x

  4. cripes- what a busy week, well done for keeping the boys so well entertained!

  5. That is a good and proper half term. Sounds like you really make the most of your local area. Hope you've made time for a lie down and glass of wine too!

  6. Trampolining?!! Sounds like 8 friends are going to have a great time tomorrow, enjoy your end-of-half-term weekend!

  7. Sounds like you guys had some fun-filled school holidays! Enjoy the birthday party this weekend. We had five two year-olds at home last Saturday for L's birthday party but it felt like we had whole army of kids at home. Exhausting but fun! :)

  8. I love that image Lou, and your lovely words, Jo x


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