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Cornish Holiday Part 4 - Beach Food

As a family, time spent on the beach is so precious... it is only a handful of days a year that we manage to spend by the ocean.  In the past we have had typical British weather ... rain.  But this holiday we were so fortunate with days of glorious heat and sunshine... that we didn't want to be anywhere else.

Days were spent getting up early, and heading to the beach before breakfast, staying until just after lunch.  Then heading off to a cooling garden somewhere and then back to the beach for a BBQ and sundowners.

Eating inside was not an option. So this meant carefully planning of our daily menu and thinking of quick and simple meals to feed starving children and evening suppers that was worthy of such a glorious setting.

Breakfast.  We took our small gas burner, a frying pan and fried bacon for butties... using soft rolls and lots of ketchup.  The smell of it cooking wafting across the waves bought many an envious look from ravenous surfers! Dan took his Kelly Kettle to the beach, so within minutes we had hot boiling water and a good cup of tea... perfect.

Lunch.  A packed affair.  Ham and tomato rolls, cheese and cucumber sandwiches. Crisps and fruit. Ice cold  water. All kept cool in our cool box with many frozen ice packs for company.  I prefer to use a hard sided cool box as it's easier to clean, stays upright (no sloppy spillage into the sand) and the lid can be used as a table.

Dinner.  A BBQ whilst watching the sunset.  We opted for using disposable BBQ's purely because it's lighter to carry along the beach... and with all the other stuff we have to carry (food, wine, body boards, buckets & spades) a small, light BBQ was the best option.

So what did we eat...

Asparagus spears wrapped in pancetta
Thick slices of Haloumi
Chipolata sausages
Corn on the cob
Salmon foil parcels
Beefy tomatoes
Side salad
Hummus dip & carrot sticks

Cold beers, crisp rose wine & apple juice for the boys.

Salmon Parcels (one per person)

Salmon Fillet pieces
Slice of Lemon
Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper

Cut foil into squares and drizzle with olive oil (to prevent the salmon from sticking).
Place salmon onto the square. Place slice of lemon on top. Season.
Scrunch the foil around the salmon so it forms a little bag.  This allows the fish to steam.
Place on to BBQ and let it cook for 15 mins.. or until the fish is cooked through.

I found that quick simple food that needed little preparation time was the best.  In the morning before I left for the beach, I quickly made the lunch and prepped the evening meal and left it in the fridge so all we had to do was to swing by the cottage and pick it up on route back to the beach.

We absolutely loved cooking on the beach. Do you? What recipes do you use?  I would love to know.  If the sunshine returns I am sure we will head to the coast, as I want to do this all over again!


  1. what great inspiration, BBQ's on the beach! we love banana and chocolate on the BBQ. Slicw a banana down the middle, add a few bits of chocolate and wrap in foil, oh so good! x

  2. All looks delish- You have inspired me for our upcoming wee trip! Jxx

  3. Now that's freaky! I haven't posted half of our Cornish adventures yet either so I expect there will be more of the same adventures as you! We'll bump into each other one day, with our asparagus on the beach bbq! Emma x

  4. looks delicious! Can't wait to get down to Cornwall and get cooking! We just picked up a small portable bbq half price in John Lewis ready for our trip, so will be keeping an eye out for recipes too x

  5. Mmmmmmmmmmm, will be trying those ideas out : )

  6. Asparagus spears wrapped in pancetta *yum*

  7. Yum. To all of it. I love how you dedicated a whole post to your holiday food. My whole day revolves around meals. I am now dreaming about bacon butties on the beach...

  8. Wow. You are super organised. Fortunately our cottage in St Ives is close enough for us to be able to pop home for lunch although we do often carry flasks of tea or hot chocolate to warm us up after a couple of hours of bodyboarding.

    Might give the disposable BBQ a go this year.

  9. So good! Beach bbq's are the BEST! x


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