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Goodbyn Lunch Box

The start of the school term is looming ever so closer. GULP!
My little boy will be starting in Reception class.  He is oh so excited. I am oh so proud that he feels this way, but with the pang of sadness that only a mama can feel. I will miss you my littlest buddy.

The other day Rufus' school lunch box arrived. I had bought a Goodbyn Original box for Charlie last year and was so impressed with the quality and super ease of it, that buying one for Rufus was the only option.

If you don't know about Goodbyn let me explain.

Image via

image via

Cool eh?
So last school year Charlie had hummus dip, carrot sticks, yoghurt, pasta salad, sandwiches, etc... all in neat containers that kept the food away from the other food.  No more sandwiches that taste like bananas. No more smelly lunch boxes that slowly go mouldy because they can't be cleaned properly.  The Goodbyn is just emptied and stacked in the dishwasher - easy!

The Goodbyn is sturdy and strong.  My two boys tend to drop everything on the way to school and the Goodbyn took all the knocks and tumbles like a pro.  And as it's so strong, indestructible and easy to clean it will last throughout their schooling year!

If you can't tell already, I am in LOVE with it.

I am thinking of doing a new series on School Lunches featuring the Goodbyn.  So in September expect to see a weekly post round up of what food my boys ate.  If Charlie had his way it would be Nutella sandwiches every day! So this is going to be a challenge!

If you have any top tips or recipes I should try in their lunch boxes I would love to hear from you!  If you would like to join me in my School Lunches series or would like to buy a Goodbyn you can here.

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  1. This is SUCH a good idea...I am going to persuade Bella that she needs one instead of the hello kitty one she wants. She had one of those soft, cool bag style ones last year but they are impossible to clean properly - I threw hers out at the end of term. Thanks for sharing, these are fab. x

  2. They are brilliant. What a great find Lou. Every year we buy a character one only for it to stink after a while! And everyone has the same one, so kids just grab them and take them home without checking for the nametag! Will have to get one of these for the new term. Love the lunchbox recipe idea too. x

  3. They look brilliant! I'd love to see a series on school lunches! xxx

  4. Wow, they look pretty amazing!! Looks like I'll have to look into investing in one for us.

    Talia Christine

  5. I have 2 of these I found them in an op shop and have loved them. I am always asked by other Mums " where did you get them?" I never did get why it's taken so long for someone to come up with a proper divided easy to clean lunchbox.

  6. Awww, these look really sweet, but quite big? I'm not sure if I can manage carrying 3 of them up Whiteladies Road along with all the other stuff - coats, gym kit etc. Are they as big as they look?

  7. Such a good idea! Off to investigate a bit more. x

  8. Hello Lou. I have come over from Nina's blog - Tabiboo - and am so chuffed to see your Cornish posts as I am a Cornish girl through and through. I live near Falmouth. Off for a read through now xx

  9. Lovely design, maybe this is the lunch box to inspire exciting lunches for my little one starting reception full time in Jan, part time in Sept....oh my empty nest! Dxx

  10. Hmmm I wonder if I could get away with using one of these for my work lunches?! I really wanted a Laptop Lunchbox (like the kind used in this book - which is full of good lunchbox ideas) but they're fiendishly expensive and not widely available in the UK. I do like a nice packed lunch, I'll look forward to your lunchbox posts!

  11. I want one for me ... best I check if they post to OZ!!
    Fun and clever.


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