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2012 - looking back


My year in pictures.

1. Wassail at The Ethicurean
2. Charlie becoming a Beaver
3. Archers in the woods
4. Stonehenge
5. Blossom
6. The Olympic Torch
7. Sennen Beach
8. Giffords Circus
9. Hill rolling at Tyntesfield
10. Rufus' 5th party
11. Frosty mornings
12. My Kings!

Happy 2012 - here's to a happier 2013!


  1. Beautiful pics Lou! You should make them into a calendar.

    Wassail again next month? Can't believe that's the first time we met :) x

    1. I know a whole year! YES to wassail again, but this time more clothing and getting there later - closer to the actual wassail, no hanging about getting cold! xx

  2. Beautiful pictures, as always Lou! A very happy new year to you, lovely. Laura xx

  3. A lovely round-up. We'll be visiting Sennen this Easter (can't wait, it's so beautiful). Thanks for another year of great blog writing. Happy 2013 xo

  4. Gorgeous photos - what a year! Here's to another great one in 2013...xx

  5. Lovely pics, such cute kiddies! Have a very Happy New Year, all the best for 2013 xx

  6. Lovely shots, and wishing you a wonderful 2013.

  7. Lovely photos - what a lot you've crammed into one year! Wishing you and your family a very happy 2013. Gillian x

  8. Gorgeous photos Lou, I love the one of Sennen beach and of your kings too! Happy 2013 x

  9. What gorgeous photos ... looks like you had a wonderful year ... hope 2013 is a special for you and your family ... Bee xx

    PS Love the idea of this post will store it up for next year ... Bee x

  10. what a year and happy growing boys xx

  11. Lovely pictures - Sennen Cove, Beavers and Giffords were in our 2012 as well! Have a great new year and happy 2013 x

  12. PS: You have inspired me to post my own twelve favourites here :) L xx


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