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kings, carols, and Lego - Christmas


Christmas whizzed past in a whirlwind of school performances, Christmas markets, rushed decorating and Lego building!
Christmas Eve we walked up to the Church in my parents village to the Crib Service.  This is my favourite part of Christmas.  Watching little children come up, dressed as parts of the Nativity as the story is told.  My boys dressed as Kings and Rufus was chosen to place one of the King figures into the crib.
Christmas Day was loud, as cousins played together.  Lego was the theme.  Dan spent the entire day building one Lego base or another - he was in heaven!
And before we know it - it's over for another year.
It was lovely - but somehow the magic just wasn't there for me this year.  I think all those markets before just sucked the life out of me.  Note to self - only do one next year!
Hope you had a wonderful break...

1. My parents tree
2. Charlie as King Caspar in his school performance of Hey Ewe
3. Rufus singing carols with his class in church
4. Charlie with our German Christmas Pyramid
5. Boys as Kings in the Crib Service on Christmas Eve
6. Lego in their Pyjamas - Charlie didn't change all day!
7. My parents table dressed for dinner
8. Cousins



  1. Christmas was great - glad it's all over with though.....down with the tree. I bought my 3 yo lots of Lego books this year as all the pictures are brilliant and can't wait until he is into building too. Duplo is on the list for next year to start with. Your Christmas table looks so pretty with the twigs x

  2. My boys used to dress up for church on Christmas Eve too - so cute. Sadly their dressing up and lego days are over - they're still good at not getting dressed 'til late though xo

  3. Yay! We had a Lego-themed Christmas too. Lovin' your bokeh, Lou x

  4. Us too on the Lego Christmas. I do love it. Sorry you didn't feel the magic though - sounds like you have had loads going on though. Hope New Year is more relaxing! x

  5. I have done markets and they are exhausting, we all live and learn. natalie x

  6. Merry Christmas, Lou!!! x

  7. There's a complete Lego obsession in our house too. And secretly I think my husband loves it more than my son :-) x


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