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have a great weekend...

Image via Darling Magazine.
So it's Friday... hands up who is happy about the weekend?
Sun is shining through my window - although April is behaving as it should and giving us short sharp showers between bright light.  It's not as warm as it looks - but I am being brave and wearing my sandals regardless!!  (yes I do have cold toes, but pretty feet).

This weekend we are planning:
* dig some more at the allotment
* go shopping for summer clothes
* picnic with friends
* make this fruit cup recipe
* Chill it....

Yes this weekend is being spent pottering, relaxing and being a family.  We have busy few weekends coming up.. including a trip to the most awesome campsite Coldatnight and off down to Cornwall to stay at this beautiful Barn at half term.  Partying to celebrate a 40th Birthday too.  HALF TERM! Where does the time go, surely it was only Easter last week?

Whatever you are planning this weekend... enjoy.


  1. Sounds delightful! Have a good one xxx

  2. My hand is up! Would you please explain what an allotment is. I know it's some kind of public garden, but exactly how does it work? We don't have these in the USA.

  3. Wow that barn looks amazing, such a beautiful setting. I hope you have a lovely weekend too. x

  4. Enjoy your weekend and make the most of family time. We have Ozzys 4th Birthday to celebrate here so I suspect there'll be much noise and happy mayhem :)

  5. Oh wow, that campsite looks amazing! Have an awesome time :) x

  6. well enjoy cold at night, it's where we had our pre wedding party in the kata. Are you staying in a dome or a tipi? The canooing there is really lovely and easy for the boys with 'rapids' (not really rapids, but it'll get them excited and it'll be a great story to tell)
    If you get a chance go to Aberaeron, get some crab catchers from the pound shop and hang over the harbour wall, see how many crabs fill your bucket. Grab some fish cakes and skinny fries in Harbourmaster and have a cold drink on the harbour wall....and don't forget some honey icecrem (Aberaeron is my town, can you tell!) Also, this place won't be far and you RARELY see tourists there, or many locals!
    Also, in rainy weather there's always Peapod Junction in Caerwedros to paint a ceramic plate or mug which will be fired and sent to you back home, a nice memory of your holiday.
    Also, Llangranog is a great beach with The Ship Inn being really family friendly with good grub.
    If you come accross any Hafod cheese on the menu - try it, it's a local organic artisan cheddar. I used to make it before I became a mama!

  7. Wow Lou that barn in Cornwall is amazing! Are you taking the boys? It looks very grown up. Your weekend sounds lovely, so enjoy your family time. x

  8. Have a super weekend Lou. For some reason I can't see the amazing barn you and everyone is commenting on. Perhaps UK only. Enjoy the time with your family.


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