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going on a berry hunt...

Our Summer tradition of picking Strawberries at our local PYO farm, is always one of my favourite yearly activities, this and chopping down our Christmas tree.  We've been going for a number of years now, last year with Dan, the year before just us.  This year we went with friends - Lottie and her gorgeous boys.

Games of 'who can eat the biggest strawberry' to pretending we were 'going on a bear hunt', shouts of 'Eat it' followed by 'shhhh don't tell everyone'.  Much craziness and laughter that only happens with friends, boys and forbidden fruit eating!

I did manage to haul a load of strawberries and a small amount of Raspberries - Charlie scoffed what I was putting in the basket!

Back home I spent a few hours turning the jewel like berries into jars of glowing strawberry jam and raspberry ice-cream.  For a recipe for the ice-cream, please see Lotties blog - I swapped the berries.

I love this summer tradition... to us, it marks the start of summer holidays.


  1. that top pic is soo dreamy!

  2. I love going strawberry and raspberry picking!

  3. Hubby and I just went to pick blueberries on Saturday morning and had a great time. We remembered taking our grandsons about ten years ago to the same farm. Great memories!

  4. I have seen so many people enjoying strawberry picking, I really need to find somewhere nearby and try it out!

    Just one question, christmas tree? Won't it die if you chop it down now?

  5. Aww this is lovely! You just cant beat PYO! Might have to take a trip to my local one this weekend. x

  6. Nothing beats raspberries ... I LOVE them. In fact I'm off to pick some myself soon :)


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