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Home Inspiration...

Image via Desire to Inspire, Originally by Carl Dahlstedt
I am forever wishing to change my home, much to Dan's constant dismay.  It's not that I don't LOVE my home, it is the creative in me.  Seeing rooms as a canvas, creating little vignettes, moving furniture around, coveting a lampshade or a cushion.  Dreaming up ways to organise, re-organise, trying to make sense of our ever growing pile of paperwork and forms that arrive home from school, kids clubs and work.

So, I thought I might start a little series called Home Inspiration... similar to house love, but on a smaller scale.  A short post about something that has caught my eye, and I've thought 'Hey I love that' or 'How cool!'.

Here is the first installment.

This red chair, the green of the beautiful painting, against the almost neon pink of the roses. Colour always inspires me.  These colours in particular just sing.  (notice the pile of paperwork on the kitchen counter, I am not alone!).


  1. I love the way this looks. The red chair is so pretty.

  2. Gorgeous chair and I really agree about our homes as a canvas ......need a gorgeous red box to hide the paper pile away (my house is too full of such boxes! x

  3. Great subtle coordination between the chair and the flowers. Really nice!

  4. love that shade of red xxx


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