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Image via AtelierStellaLondon
I love these little pots.  I've wanted one for ages.  Thinking it will look great with a cactus or succulent on my sideboard.  The colours and style will fit in well with my other mid-century ceramics.

They are made by the talented Stella Baggott who own's AtelierStellaLondon - Stella hand builds each ceramic vase & pot, gives them a characterful face and fires them in earthy toned glazes.  Each, a one of a kind piece.

What makes these unique, is that Stella only sells them once a month in a small batch.  This months sale was yesterday.  Selling out in minutes flat.  I clicked on a small white pot with feet, only to try to pay and someone had beaten me to it!  *SOB*.

But thankfully I did managed to bag this lovely one instead....

He's rather dashing!

I can't wait for the next sale in September to add to my collection.  For more information please sign up to Stella's newsletter.


  1. That's very cute! I like the mixture of blue and brown in the glaze, and it looks great with your plant in it.

  2. In love with these too Lou- love your one! Jx

  3. These are really gorgeous! I think a collection of these would be great.

  4. Hi Lou, thanks for popping by my blog yesterday, always nice to hear from fellow shed lover! I shall look out for the MIB post.

    All the best, Gemma typically.pretty.english

  5. Ah, he's super. I wanted a plant pot too, but also too late. I enjoyed watching how quickly they sold though - it was strangely thrilling seeing them disappear every time I reloaded the page!

    I have been meaning to try making some hand built pots with the girls - I have a kiln and a workshop after all, and Mike has plenty of clay! I might get this book to inspire us:


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