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Image by Wood Wool & Stool
I adore rattan.  I think it's the 80's teenager in me. I had a rattan mirror shaped like an apple (which I wish I still owned) and a rattan chair, very similar to this (which I still have) - my bedroom as a 13 year old was a homage to rattan and Laura Ashley - pale yellow floral wallpaper and curtains.

Rattan is making a big come back at the moment - I believe it's the French who have favoured it - blogs like Le Dans La and A Home Paper .  Ingrid of Wood Wool Stool has just found this one in a local vintage store.  It is awesome, especially with her cushion.

I am seriously on the hunt for one of these.... 

Tell me, do you like rattan?  Would you have it in your home?


  1. Great chair and cushion! inspired!! x

  2. That chair is beautiful, I love rattan too, my parents always had rattan in our home, so I'm still in love with it : )



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