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Image via  Finelittleday
Gosh I love this wallpaper.  A hint of the tropics, of the 80's, a bit trailer park / motel and a lot of leafy green. It's Elisabeth Dunklers bedroom.  The wallpaper, mixed with the geometric bedding and cushion, plus the mid century bedside table and light fitting.  It all works so well.  Heaven!

After some internet sleuthing I've discovered it is Cole and Son's Palm wallpaper - I think I need to cover my bedroom wall with the same.  I don't have a single wall wallpapered, but I feel this is a good place to start. It's delicious no?

Are you a wall paper fan?  


  1. I like some of the wallpapers that are about like the one above - I looked at that one when we did our bedroom, but we chose the cole and son flamingo one instead, which has a similar feel. Although I'm not keen on the garish large flowered 'feature wall' type of wallpapering that seems to be in alot of homes at the moment!

  2. We had this in our dining room in our old house, we moved last year and I really miss it! :)

  3. We did our bedroom wall in this and then had a baby and had to move :( we only did one wall and it was expensive but worth it. It's tempting to recreate our old bedroom!

  4. It would have been a posh old trailer!

  5. Oh I'm totally with you – have lusted after this particular wallpaper for nearly ten years I think. One day I'll find a spot for it. One day... !


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