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Home inspiration... Painted landing floor

grey painted floor -
Image via Heart Home Magazine
So last night, in a fit of 'AGGGGHHHHH I can't stand the mess of the landing anymore' - Dan has agreed to get on with painting the wooden floor.  (I will help, honest!).

So this morning it is all I can think about. (of course).  At the moment we have white walls and scuffed, dirty white boards.  So, I am thinking we repaint the white walls (we have not much natural light up there, so it can be gloomy) and paint the floor in a grey.  Much like the image above.  But with slightly darker floors.  Possibly using Moles Breath, Down pipe or Plummet (Farrow & Ball).  We have a tall linen cupboard in one corner which is painted in Pavilion Gray  - so it should work well.

What do you think?  Have you painted floors?  Tell me, what colour did you use and brand of paint?
I need to act fast, before he changes his mind!


  1. I like Moles Breath (love that name!) out of those colours best and I am a big fan of white walls. It should look really good. Go with your first choice. : )

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  2. ooh... love the blue-grey of plummet... all gorgeous though. We have a similar project at the moment. Our walls are white, we'll have stripped wooden floors but have one wall of wood panelling which I'm trying to source a grey for... decisions decisions! x

  3. We used Miller Floor and Porch Paint. 2 coats. All 800 square feet. Custom green to feel like grass. Love it!

  4. My friend used a b and q grey for garage doors and it looks fab and has worn well. Am going to rip up our carpets and do the same (when I can face it!)

  5. Oh this looks so clean and dreamy! Very inspiring! XO

  6. Ha, I did that just the other day - got so fed up of the manky stair carpet I ripped it up and toshed two coats of Slipper Satin on the tatty bare stairs underneath - looks so much better, even in its half finished state..

    I plan on doing this: when I do it properly. The F&B floor paint is good - we have it on the living room floorboards that we did earlier this year and so far it still looks great.

    What you have planned sounds really good - clean and calm and uncluttered - perfect!

  7. This hallway is beautiful. I have fancied painted floorboards anywhere for ages so I am looking forward to seeing how it goes. No idea about colour for them but I do love white walls. All of our new upstairs is all white and It works so well. Good luck and happy painting x

  8. Yep, definitely go for a grey (or any other non-white) - the thing I learned too late about white floorboards is that they show every speck of dust and strand of hair. Not to mention spiders! It's impossible to keep them looking clean. Pale grey will look fab and be more practical too.
    Little Greene do a nice range of floor paints I think... I actually prefer their colours to Farrow and Ball.


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