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Home Inspiration - A Paumes life...

Paumes life - home inspiration.

My morning coffee today was accompanied by a good read. Paris Family Style - by Paumes.  I say read, I can't actually 'read' Japanese but the images are delicious!

A few years ago I was all over Scandinavian interiors, I still am a little.  The bright white light, the simplicity.  But, more recently I am loving the eclecticism of French styled homes.  A little bit of everything thrown into the mix.

Vintage ceramics, paintings and furniture, mixed with pastel colour schemes, French greys and oozing with style.  As you would expect to find in a Parisienne home.  In this book above, Paris Family Style, each home shows how to blend family life and a beautiful home.  Which is how it should be.  Each room feels loved and lived in by all members of the family.

I also treated myself to 'Les jolis rangements d'une Parisienne' by Isabelle Boinot (also by Paumes).  This book shows how French illustrator Isabelle achieves her home, with step by step guides to decoration (again I can't understand the text, but I get the idea).

I'd better get back to my book and coffee, today you will find me mostly wearing red lipstick, listening to Edith Piaf as I pretend I live in Paris.  Croissant anyone?

You can find more of the Paumes range of interior books in the most beautiful shop - Sisters Guild.  (as well of lots of inspiration for Christmas too!).


  1. Funny, as a french mum living in London, I am loving every details of english interiors/ shop windows !

  2. What a wonderful way to spend a coffee break! I am quite jaloux Lou ;)
    They look like beautiful books. I too love that style. Somehow it feels more me...our home is such a blend of styles and so many things. Scandi I do adore but to feel real and who we are as a family there is a whole lot of Irish-English-Whole World Mess to be found in our nest. Enjoy your day. Sunny Autumn here and Stroop Waffles. xx ace is that last illustration of Isabelle and her wares?

  3. ooh sounds just perfect for a blustery day. Enjoy your cafe au lait x

  4. I love the idea of creating a bit of Paris in my home! You've set me off now! I've just spent a week in Paris wandering around and having a good old nosey into their homes when it gets dark and they light up. Fabulous.


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