Feel Good Friday

Apologies.... I know it's Saturday afternoon, but I was so exhausted yesterday to even turn the laptop on!  I don't know if it is the weather and how cold it has become.  Or if I am not feeding myself properly....my sons are eating me out of house and home, so typically all goes to them and I selflessly (stupidly) forget to feed myself.

(I hope this post gets a bit better, not feeling good yet!)

So... what is making me feel good at the moment?  Well if you remember my post earlier in the week, I set myself the mission to learn how to make bread, good, tasty, rustico bread. 

Well, each night this week I have had a go, and the following happened...

Tuesday night... large white loaf, made using this Jamie Oliver's recipe.

Jamie's Recipe

Coming together

Final product

It came out looking wonderful, I was full of excitement!  Oh to be disappointed... it was uncooked in the middle, very doughy.  Humpf.  Try again!

Wednesday night, Allinsons seed & grain flour (recipe off the packet)

Gorgeous crust and great seedy taste

This turned out fantastic, phew!  An easier recipe to follow, without the double prooving method.  Just let it rise and into the oven.  Yummy hot with butter.

Thursday night, Allinsons seed & grain flour recipe

Doughy again!  Hmmm, just too quick to get it out of the oven.  This bread making is becoming more of a lesson in patience!

So my quest continues, in the search for the perfect loaf... maybe tonight will the night!

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