Wee watering cans

The past visits to the lottie have been pretty much water, weed, water, weed.  And to be honest not much fun for the boys.  After all, I just can't let them weed as, after experience, they just randomly pull anything out of the ground.... ooo there goes the spinach and the radish into the compost trug!

So, my grand plan has been to set them up watering the potatoes, whilst I can busy myself with weeding or sowing of seeds.

Well, so much for plans..

With a big man sized watering can and a tiny orange sand pit watering can between them, the task of watering the potatoes has been a squealing and arguing chore!  Headache not only to myself but I am sure the rest of the allotmenteers at our site!

So today, Grandpa gave the boys £2 each pocket money, and to a 2 and 4 year old this a fortune!  Neither of them mentioned what to spend it on, it was just suggested they should put it in their money boxes for later.

On the way back from grandparents, I stopped off at the garden centre to get some tomato feed, artichoke plugs & some bedding plants for hanging baskets at home, when the boys spied these cute little watering cans.

Small enough for them to carry, but importantly large enough for them to do a decent amount of watering without getting too bored!

I was proud and delighted that they asked if they could spend their £2 pocket money on a watering can, so they can help out at the allotment!

So of course, we are now proud owners of these cans, and the boys put them to good use as soon as we got home, and watered the back garden's concrete floor!.... hmmm gonna have to work on this a bit more..

Hope your friday is a good one... enjoy your weekend x

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