Kids Clothes Week Challenge Update

Many of you are aware that last week was Kids Clothes Week Challenge.  I signed up with the best intentions to make some clothing for my boys.  I unfortunately didn't take into account it was the same week as Rufus' birthday and all the preparations that come with organising a 3 year olds party.

Anyhow... (I'm not making excuses honest!), I wanted to make some PJ's, mittens and some cord trousers... but these were all shelved due to lack of patterns, time and bank balance!

So today, nearly a week later, I visited John Lewis and bought some lovely olive coloured needle cord.  I am going to make Rufus some cute little trousers using this pattern (thanks to Colette for suggesting it to me).

It looks easy and simple (which is important for me as I have no sewing skills!).

So after a week of being quite rubbish, I am getting on with it!

Wish me luck!

P.S.  I would also like to thank Charley over at Flora and Purl for her pattern for some wrist warmers, Holly for lending me her book on making Childrens clothes and Dan for listening to me rant and scream when things have gone wrong!

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