4 days to go!

Yes, 4 days to go to Halloween, 4 days then we dress up, 4 days to carve the pumpkins and 4 days until our darling children have far too much sweet stuff, they run around like demented monsters until the sugar rush wears off!

Yes, are you ready?

We are kind of.

Pumpkins yes, carved no.

Costumes yes, same as last year!

Sugar rush - hell no, not ready!!!

Who cares about that, more importantly, there are 4 days to go until I reveal who has won my 100 posts giveaway competition.

Yes, there is still time to add your comment.  Come on!  You know my homemade Strawberry Jam is award winning!!  (brag, brag!). 
Won't it taste so good spread on your toast on a cold, icy morning in January?

Now your interested, right?


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