Bulb day at the Allotment

Hurray!  It's sunny! 

Was the first thing I heard this morning. 
After several days of greyness and cold, today really felt like a blessing.

Days like these we just want to be at the allotment.  So after a quick trip to our local garden centre, Riverside, where we stocked up on Onion Sets, had a quick coffee and toasted tea cake.  Ooo, toasted tea cake, I quite forgot how yummy they are, especially with butter and strawberry jam. 

We headed off to the plot to plant a gazzilion bulbs!

I had earlier in the month bought a job lot of daffodil and tulip bulbs from Aldi (here's to crossing fingers that they will work!).  £1.40 for a pack of 20 tulip bulbs, so in the end I bought 5 packs of tulips, 3 packs of daffs and 2 packs of alliums... that's alot of bulbs to plant!

With a whole allotment you would have thought I would have plenty of space... WRONG!!  We ran out of flower space quite quickly, so Dan set to making a whole new flower bed alongside the original cutting garden.  Thankyou, he's so lovely!

Charlie helped me to plant a few before the lure of bike riding with his friends stole him away.

Planted 50 onion sets into last years potato bed (not sure if this is okay in the crop rotation rules, but it will have to do).  These onions are Senshyu Yellow, which will be ready end of the summer or as spring onions around April time.

To be honest all this bulb planting did my back and patience in. So I wondered off for some colour and pretties...

Ta da!  Fit for an autumn bride. 

 The cosmos and asters matched my t-shirt!  I gave this bunch to my dear friend Melanie, who was busying herself on her allotment spreading manure and clearing up a load of rubbish that her neighbours had unkindly dumped.  Some people eh?

I can't get enough of these flowers... they are so gorgeous.

Boys soon became tired, and I had enough of digging holes... so we headed home.

I still have another 99,000 bulbs left to plant tomorrow.


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