The Grand Opening

These gorgeous monkeys are cousins... can you see the family resemblance?

Yes, my eldest was on his best behaviour as you can see!

Today was our bi-annual family gathering. The Taylor's of Leeds came down for a weekend visit, which is great as we don't get to see as much of each other as we would like.

I felt at this get together the cousins bonded more and had a wild time playing in the park outside the village hall.

Tricia (my mother in law), hired the village hall for a couple of hours, so we had a lovely buffet lunch, the children played games and the adults took lots of photos!!

It was great fun.  Although by 2.30 I thought Rufus was going to self combust, he grew so hot running around, climbing and being Mr Cheeky, a change of scene was due.

We all de-camped to Dan's parent's home near by for the:

Grand Opening of the Observatory!

Trevor (Dan's Dad) has for the past year been building in his garden his own Observatory.  As a keen astronomer he was given an amazing telescope for his 60th birthday a few years ago, and after struggling in and out of the house on good stargazing nights he decided to build his own observatory.

It is incredible.  It turns, it has a fibre glass dome which opens to reveal the night sky.  A true labour of love.

Today it was opened by Trevor and his grandchildren.

Before the ribbon was cut, we all wore sunglasses to watch the fireworks, the dark shades gave impact during the day.

Once Trevor opened the door, the Grandchildren all went in for a tour.

Well done Trevor for all your hard work, the Observatory is brilliant. 

Here's to many an hour gazing at the heavens.